The safety and security of your account is our utmost priority.

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Dear Valued Client,


The safety and security of your account is our utmost priority. We use advanced technology and put systems in place to ensure the protection of your account, but our best defense is to arm you with awareness.


Be informed, be alert and stay safe with the following tips and reminders:


1 Always check your Statement of Account - this can be mailed monthly to your preferred address or viewed through the RCBC Online Banking site. Promptly advise your Branch or RCBC Customer Care if you have concerns about your account.


2 Always have your passbook updated on the date of your transaction by the authorized bank teller you are transacting with.


3  Always make sure that you obtain a copy of the machine validated transaction slip for all your transactions or investments before leaving the bank premises.


4 Always update your password. Strong passwords use a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters.


5 Always update the Bank for any changes in your contact details (e.g. contact numbers, email or address).


1  Never pre-sign withdrawal slips, checks or any other financial documents.


Never transact with third parties or Bank employees outside the bank premises.


3  Never allow anyone other than the Bank’s tellers and Customer Service personnel to process your transactions.


4 Never leave your bank documents with any branch personnel for safekeeping. All Bank personnel are NOT authorised to keep your passbook, ATM card, any other card, checkbook, certificate of placement, promissory note, bank statement or any other similar documents.


5 Never share your password, PIN, and security code. Remember that RCBC will never ask you for any of these information over the phone or online.


6 Never post or share your bank and personal information on social media.


1  Don’t be fooled by extraordinary high yields of market interest rate products. If it’s too good to be true, most likely it isn’t.


Banks always pay interest by crediting your account, never in cash.


3  Poorly written emails and letters with misspellings and incorrect grammar should not be trusted.


4 Documents that do not follow the official format, on plain paper or with incorrect information are suspect. Know that for some placements like Time Deposits, RCBC does not issue certificates anymore.


5 Financial services and Investment products of other companies, including subsidiaries and affiliates, are not automatically available at bank branches. Banks can only sell products that are covered by their cross sell license. For RCBC, the license covers ONLY life insurance products of Sun Life Grepa Financial, consumer loans of RCBC Savings Bank, non-life insurance products of Malayan Insurance and of First Nationwide Assurance Corporation.

Let us work together to protect your account. For any issues or concerns, know that we are always here to help. Talk to us through 877-7222 or email us at

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